WPs not rolling forward on year end close

Our office seems to have run into an issue when year end closing our client files and some of the WPs are not rolling forward. The issue seems to (mostly) be limited to WPs listed under our “Liabilities” folder (loans, T4 reconciliation, Income taxes, etc), but that’s not always the case.

We haven’t changed any settings within our Caseware Options/Properties or processes when year end closing our files in the past year and have the “Update CaseView roll forward cells” radio button checked.

I’ve tried copying/pasting the prior year file and year end closing to the copied file. I’ve also tried setting a new file path/name to create a new file and have “compress prior year” checked. Nothing seems to be working.

Any help/solution? Thanks

Lowell Krystalowich
Krystalowich & Co

Hi Lowell.

If you are sure that the checkbox indicated on this screenshot of the “Year End Close and Roll Forward” panel is checked off when rolling the file forward and the Working Papers are still not updating correctly, please contact the support team using the contact information provided on jazzitsupport.com, so they can investigate the cause.

We have also noted that a roll-forward will sometimes terminate if a corrupt CaseView (CVW) file is encountered in the process. Sometimes these CVW files are not even on the current document manager.

Thank you,

Will do. Thanks David