Waiver of audit resolution

Is it just me or others have the same problem. After the last update I did in January, the 2nd paragraph for the “waiver of audit resolution” is missing. I had to copy it from fulmst without updaing. Is there something changed?

Hi Faranak,

There if you update to the most recent version, there are two paragraphs.

I updated the audit waiver (WV) from various previous builds and it seems to update fine. By default the first 2 paragraphs are selected with the third one unselected.


Thank you for getting back to me. I updated my Kilb in Jan 2022 and when correct the path and click to update the 2nd paragraph doesn’t show. I had to copy from fulmst without running the update, because if I do, the 2nd paragraph disappears.

Thank you, I will check to see if I missed an update.