Subtotal line to share capital

Can we add a Subtotal line to the share capital for the preferred shares?

Hi Lisa.

If you are trying to subtotal the Preferred shares, I have to assume that you require this on the Share Capital note.
Please see the comments on this screenshot of the Share Capital note for assistance / direction

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I am trying to subtotal the preferred shares but on the balance sheet portion of the share capital.

I have already inserted the subtotal line on the notes section.

Hi again Lisa.

Thanks for the clarification.
Correct, currently there is no “Insert subtotal” option in the Share Capital section of Equity.
If you wish, I can log a feature request with the design team to have this option investigated and possibly made available in a future Resource Centre update?

In the short-term, you could turn off the “Share capital” portion in the Equity section and use the remainder of the Equity section to “simulate” the Share Capital portion/table, using inserted lines, subheadings and subtotals.

If you require assistance with this, I suggest contacting the support team using the contact details provided at

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Yes, please log this as a feature request with the design team.

Thank you