Share Capital note showing check boxes

I am using the Jan 2021 version of Jazzit, so not sure if this has been fixed yet…
When enabling the “Share transactions during the year” or “Percentage ownership of shareholders”, the check box is showing up in the printed copy - see below.


I have been manually fixing this by going into Edit mode and editing the properties of the check box to enable “Display Only” (see below). Note that the tab stop and tab character had to be added as well.


Hi Nezer.

Thank you for your post.
This is an issue that was corrected in the latest release (April 30, 3021), so running the latest Resource Centre Update would resolve this issue.

If it is not convenient to take the update now, you could simply download the Resource Centre module (the K7 - Share Capital notes modules) from the Snackbar.

If you require assistance with this, please contact the support team using the contact details provided at and they will gladly help.

Best wishes,

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