Schedule does not agree with income statement

An income statement schedule turned on in the index does not transfer its net balance to the face of the income statement. We have attempted to turn the schedule on/off and reload the income statement from KLIB, but no success. The schedule did carryforward the correct balance in the prior year file, but once we rolled forward the file for this year, even the prior year balance is not transferring correctly to the income statement in the current year file.

Hi Mike.

I am not sure which schedule you are referring to, the built-in Expenses schedule, or an inserted Income Statement schedule…

I’m going to go with the assumption that you are referring to an inserted Income Statement schedule.
If the schedule is set to “Exclude from income statement”, as indicated here, it will never transfer anything to the Income Statement (as instructed), so perhaps an alternate selection here (at the top of the schedule) will resolve the issue?

If not, I suggest you contact the support team, using the contact details provided at

Best wishes,