Rounding is off between the balance sheet and note for PP&E

The property, plant and equipment on the balance sheet always differs by $1.00 to the ending balance on the PP&E note.

Both are linked my map number.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix the rounding between the balance sheet and the note?

Hi N.

I’m not sure how the final balances for the Property, plant and equipment on the Balance Sheet can differ from the note, especially if the balances are obtained from the note (as indicated on his screenshot)?

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Thank you,

Hi David

I don’t have the option to link the balance sheet to “notes” as per your screen shot.

The only option I have for the drop down menu is to link to a map number. Do you know of any setting that would give me the option to link to a note?


The PP&E note will automatically transfer the balance to the balance sheet. You should not be needing to connect the PPE balance by map number on the balance sheet, it connects to the note automatically.

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