Property plant and equipment note K4

With the change to CSRS 4200 we are paring down the notes in our Compilation engagement statements. Basis of accounting discusses PPE amortization. Then Significant accounting policies shows the amortization rates and methods. Then the PPE note K4 shows the Cost, etc.

Our firm would like to do away with the Significant accounting policy note in many cases and disclose the amortization rate in a column within K4. The amortization method(s) would then be disclosed in paragraph format within the K4 note. Would adding a column for Rate be a consideration for a future update?


Hi Barb.

Thank you for your suggestion.
A previous request for this feature in the K4 notes module has been logged with the design team for investigation and possible inclusion in a future Resource Centre update.

Best wishes,

Thanks David.
I will plod along and do my own thing for now.


We do plan to offer this in a future update to the PPE note module (K4)