NPO financial statement formatting

When using the NPO format, the title line “NET ASSETS” is not bold, and the total line for that section is blank by default (see below). I can use the drop-down to set it to “TOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS”; just want to point out this is not the default setting. I don’t have access to the current CPA guidelines for financial statement presentation so I’m not sure if this is intentional. Can anyone confirm? Otherwise, may I request this be changed in the next Jazzit update?

Also: in the Net Assets policy note, item c says “…not of transfers…” and I think it is supposed to say “…NET of transfers…”

Hello Nezzer,

If you select the second title option at the top of the liabilities it will automatically set the lower heading to bold.


Alternatively, move to the top of the balance sheet, open the headings folder and check of the bold option for this section heading.


Thanks Mike. So, why does it reset to not-bold when choosing the first title option?

The first option is a combination of both the liabilities and equity. As it includes both areas the heading for equity is really a sub-heading thus not bolded. You can manually control your preference for bold on these headings using the options under the headings folder if you prefer.