Marketable Securities

I have rolled fwd and updated my marketable securities working paper, however, the new feature that shows the cash balance at the top of the working paper does not appear.

How do I get that without re-entering all the opening balances on a new working paper.


You have to update your Jazz-it Fundamentals to get that feature. You must be the Administrator in your firm and must have CaseWare Working papers 2020 or newer installed in your computer if you wish to update from the Resource Centre update control in KLIB and FRMLIB.

Yes I know, I am the administrator and I did update the working paper from the updated KLIB file

Assuming you have your KLIB saved on the server, the only thing that I can think of is to make sure that the KLIB on the server is the one being updated, not the one on your computer. Otherwise, I suggest to contact Jazz-it support directly.

Hello Jodie,

The freeze frame at the top of the Marketable securities working paper was added to the master Marketable securities templates (MS-JZMW) in 2006. This cannot be added via a Resource Centre update to pre-2006 working papers.

If you are using a marketable securities working paper prior to 2006 without a freeze frame and you would like to see the broker balance information in a freeze frame you must use copy components to replace that document with a newer Marketable securities working paper that includes the freeze frame.

Older marketable securities working papers continue to function properly but do not include the additional information included of the freeze frame. The ending printed working paper is identical.

I hope this helps.


Thanks, that was what I was afraid of. I did not want to re-enter 40 securities opening balances etc.
Some of the cumulative updates aren’t really cumulative are they?

Majority of updates are cumulative. The exception really being where knowledge library links are added to freeze frames and header/footer sections.

Your firm does have total bundle support so please call our support team and we can show you how to quickly add this section into your existing marketable securities working paper with all the data maintained.

Thanks, I will do that