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There needs to be a way to record an ACB increase. Example, a capital gains dividend issued by a trust/mutual fund (reported in a T3) but not actually paid in cash needs to be reflected as in increase to the ACB of the investment held.

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Hi Jay.

Thank you for your request.
Please see the suggested solution for this type of transaction on this screenshot of the MS working paper.

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Thanks for responding David. I get an error message and it won’t let me enter a positive number (see screenshot)Capture 2022-11-08

Hi again Jay.

It appears you may be using an older working paper.
Please ensure the version in your Resource Centre is a more recent version, preferably the latest version, and update it in the file to see if this resolves the issue.

If not, please contact the support team directly, using the information provided at

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Hi David, I called in and support confirmed that the MS working paper was not the most recent. Support and I went through the process and the entire KLIB has been updated and I now have the 2022-07-07 version of the MS working paper. Unfortunately, same issue - a return of capital line does not permit a positive number (ACB addition). A transaction line will not permit a cost addition without an entry in the units cell so there appears to be no way to have the current working paper reflect an increase in cost not resulting from the receipt of additional units as would occur from taxable income reported in a T3 such as capital gains dividends.