Linking current portion of long term debt

I am trying to link the current portion of long term debt on the balance sheet to current portion of long term debt on the long term debt schedule.
Can’t seem to find what I would presume to be the link.

Hi Robin.

If you are using the Long-term Debt working paper in the CaseWare file, along with the Long-term Debt note linked to the Working paper, the Current and Long-term portions of the debt should automatically be allocated to the appropriate section of the Balance Sheet and the Note automatically referenced (as indicated on the following 2 screenshots (the note linked to the working paper and the Current Liabilities section Balance Sheet)

Note indicating the current portion (mapped to “225.2920”)

Current Liabilities section of the Balance Sheet, indicating the Current Portion obtained from the note (referenced automatically)

If you are not using the note, the Current Portion should also present correctly, but obtained directly from the WTB, as indicated below (if mapped correctly on the WTB).

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Hi David:

Unfortunately in this particular FS we are not using notes. Instead we are using a Generic 2 column schedule. On the BS the long term debt is linked to the schedule but not the current portion.

Hi Robin.

Yes, individual sections within the schedules cannot be linked to individual sections of the Balance Sheet or Income Statement, only the Net Total of each schedule can.

So a possible solution, if acceptable, would be to use 2 schedules, one for Current and the other for Long-term, each netted to the appropriate section of the Balance Sheet, as indicated below

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Hi again Robin.

Yet another option is to actually use the note, but reference it as a schedule, as indicated below

In the Home Menu, under Page options, select a footer referencing schedules instead of notes, which automatically updates the Statement Index


Then, in the Notes Options area, switch the references from Note/s to Schedule/s.

The references on the Balance Sheet will then appear as indicated below

and the pages containing the schedule/s, as indicated

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Thanks David.

I went into page options in this particular file, the option see schedule to Financial Statements is not available. I am thinking because the FS have not been updated.
For now we have come up with a temporary solution.