Legal Inquiry letter

I have been asked if Jazz-it has a Legal Inquiry letter with no claims and one with possible claims when doing an Audit. We can’t seem to find anything in the Audit checklists.

I searched through previous emails concerning this question. We are wondering why Jazz-it does not provide this letter as it is a standard form.

Hello Robin,

Thank you for your question about which letters are provided by Jazzit. The legal inquiry letter is not one we provide, however please feel free to create your own version of the letter using our additional letters and the TOOLBOX provided to easily link to frequently used fields and values in The client file.

These additional letters are specifically provided for this purpose and you can make as many as you like. They also already include programming for electronic letterhead and signatures if you have these included in your package.

There is a video available on our YouTube channel to learn how to use the TOOLBOX in additional letters.

I hope this helps!