Interest received calculation error on Cash Flow Statement


We’ve noticed on the Cash Flow Statement using the direct method, that the calculation for interest received isn’t calculating properly or the formula is set up incorrectly. The formula reads “Interest revenue 321 + Farm interest revenue 371.9607 + Change in interest receivable 115.1067”. However it appears the formula for change in interest receivable should have been " - change in interest receivable 115.1067", as the calculation increases cash received when the receivable balance increases and decreases cash received when the receivable decreased.

I’ve also already made sure that the account is classified as an asset account and the default sign is a debit for the interest receivable account in the working trial balance.

I was wondering if others have come across this issue and if there is a way to fix this without having to change the formula manually or overriding the cell?



Hi Travis.

Thank you for your communication.
I will log this with the design team for investigation in both the CF and CF2 modules.
A revision will be applied, should it be required, and the updated module/s made available in a subsequent Resource Centre update.

Best wishes,

Hi again Travis.

Could you please contact the support team using the contact details provided at, so we can investigate the cause of this issue?
It may very well be something else in the file causing the incorrect result/s, not necessarily the calculation that is incorrect.

Thank you,