Incorrect balances applied to financials

On the balance sheet the prior year net income is getting added into the accounts payable total. The leadsheet shows the correct balance, but on the financial statements the AP balance is including the net income from the prior year. This has now happened twice. The formula in the AP filed is exactly the same as the prior year.

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Since the default rounding account for the Balance Sheet is A/P for both reporting periods, I would have to assume this is the reason the A/P balance for the prior year is different (rounding difference being applied to the A/P account when rounding is enabled.

The fact that the difference is the Net Income amount for the Prior Year, indicates that there may be something incorrect with the mapping (Net Income possibly unmapped, or mapped incorrectly).

If you could please contact the support team using the contact information provided at, they will be able to connect and diagnose the cause for you.

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