How do I populate xwks(fsid,\firm1\) on client representation letter

Our firm is transitioning to Jazz It statements and their respective schedules and letters.

For this particular client, we are still using the caseview template we created but imported some schedules and letters from Jazz It template. In the client representation letter, we are trying to populate our firm information by Partner; however, we noted that the grey box for the mailing address has the following formula:


What template do we need to upload to the file to have the partner/firm contact information reflected in the rep letter?

Hi Andrew
You will need the Jazzit FS copied to the CaseWare file.

The address information comes from the Firm Profile in the klib (Resource Centre) CaseWare file. The klib is linked to the client file via the Jazzit FS. Open the FS Jazzit and click on ‘Admin’ in the home menu (at the top of the document). Check that your RC location is properly linked to the appropriate klib. Close and save your Jazzit FS.

Open your client rep letter and the address should show up in the address block above the letter’s contents.