Home menu selections

In prior versions of the Home menu, I was able to make selections in each category in the klib to be the ones we would typically choose. It seems we are no longer able to make selections in the klib Home menu. Is that correct? Or am I doing something wrong?


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Hi Barb.

I’m not sure how you were able to “customize” (or “Preset”) Home Menu options in the KLIB in prior versions, because this should not have been possible back then either.

The reason being, if you were to “preset” certain Home Menu selections in the KLIB, then when you update the Home Menu in a client file, you may unintentionally switch engagement selections made for the specific client, which are entirely not appropriate. For example, you could end up switching the engagement type, or even the client’s corporate structure.

Once a Home Menu option has been selected (set) in the Home Menu of a client file, it is intended to stay that way, unless consciously changed buy the user. Updating the Home Menu from the KLIB should not “bring in” (or apply) settings made to the Home Menu module in the KLIB.

As the new Home Menu module is brought into the file from the KLIB using the Update/Reload function, the selections made for the specific engagement should be retained.

I hope this helps (or at least makes sense).

Best wishes,

Thank you David. I opened an old version of the Home menu and clicking on each item did show all the options in each section. I suppose I just thought making selections for the most used choices was doing something useful. But of course, you are right. None of those selections in the client file gets changed when the Home menu is updated.

Thanks again for your time!