Expenses only from schedules to statement of operations

How do you show just the expenses not the revenue from a schedule to the financial statements

If you using a typical income/expense schedule, you can choose to “Exclude from income statement” (see below). Or, you can clear the “Link No” field from the Income rows, and you will have only expenses showing up. Does that help?

Hi Laura.

When using the Income Statement schedules (either the 2-column or the 9-column format), you have the option to net the schedule to “Operations”, in which case the total for each section of the schedule flows as a single line-item to the corresponding section of the Income Statement (which is what I’m assuming your current selection is).

An alternate option is to net the total of the schedule to a specific section of the Income Statement

There is no option to selectively net an individual section of the schedule to a specific section of the Income Statement.

I would suggest, if acceptable, that you use 2 income statement format schedules, one for Income/Revenue and the second for Expenses. This way you can set the Revenue schedule to “Exclude from Income Statement” so that it does not appear on the Income Statement, but leave the Expenses schedule netted to “Operations”, so that you have a line-item on the Income Statement referencing the Expenses Schedule.

Hopefully this is a viable option for you,