Doc map toggle doesn't seem to work

There is a toggle on the financial statements next to printing lines that says “doc map”. Nothing happens when I click it. Anyone know how to get it to work?

Not sure what you mean, or where you are seeing it. For me, the only “Document map” button is on the Home ribbon:

This does toggle the document map on/off.

Sorry - it’s also on the View ribbon:

do you see it there next to printing lines?

Please contact support on Monday! In the meantime - make sure that you haven’t dragged the document map column all the way over to the left margin. I have seen where people have squeezed it manually so thin that when you click the button you don’t see it move.


The document map works fine using the link on the ribbon. It’s the toggle that doesn’t work. Not sure what that tiny button is supposed to do.

Please contact support on Monday, we can help you get that sorted out.

Please see suggestion / comment on the screenshot below.

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thanks. nothing happens when i hit the button in the freeze frame. When I click the button, my copy icon on the ribbon goes grey, that’s about it. My document map icon in the ribbon works fine. I just wondered what the purpose of the doc map button was. I hoped maybe it was a way to toggle the document map to stay on all the time.

I don’t have that button (see below). I haven’t updated my Jazzit templates in over a year. Maybe that’s why…

yes, it is to the right of printing lines. i had an issue and had to update my home menu to get it to work. If you update your templates, it will probably work. it is handy right there now that it works

Hi Nezzer.

Yes, the fact that you have not updated the templates (Resource Centre and Master file) in over a year, definitley is the reason you don’t have that button available in the Freeze Frame (yet).

spriddleluck’s issue was resolved with a call in to the support desk.

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