Default for statements

I have chose financial statements rather than financial information on my klib home menu, but it keeps defaulting to financial information. how do i get this to default to “financial statements”?

Hi Suzanne.

Trying to select / set this as a default in the Home Menu module (the CP) in the Resource Centre (the KLIB file) is not a good idea, as it will (should) not work.

Regardless of the selection you “try and force” as a default in the Resource Center module, the options available will be different when the Home Menu module actually becomes part of the FS template in a working client engagement file.

When the Home Menu is part of the FS, the option to switch between “Information” and “Statements” is only permitted (functional) when the Engagement type in the Home Menu is set to “Compilation”.

So, when the Engagement Type is set to “Compiltion”, the option to switch the default “Financial Information” to “Financial Statements” is available, will be applied and is actually applied to all the items indicated on this screenshot. Once selected, the option will be retained when the Home Menu is subsequently reloaded or updated from the Resource Centre.