CSRS Engagement report

I am looking at the changes with CSRS. In the first paragraph in the Engagement Report I am wondering why financial information appears twice. One in brackets, quotations, highlighted with a drop down. I understand the drop down but when printing (“financial information”) prints.

Hello Robin,

The second iteration is in brackets and that explains the this will be the term used going forward in the document.

Note that this wording is from the Handbook.

Hi Lori:

I have printed the RP from Klib, Genmst and a practice file I use after updating to checkout the changes. Each shows financial information and (“financial information”).

Hi Robin.

This is correct as Lori indicated earlier, the 2nd instance, the (“financial information”), is there to explain that this is the term used going forward, as indicated on this screenshot of the sample report provided by CPA Canada (PACT CE1-1)

Best wishes,

Thanks, it looks a little odd. I will definitely get asked.