Creating a new checklist

To quickly add a page break in a letter without going into enable edit mode:

  1. move to the bottom of the last paragraph you want to appear before the page break and using the express button add in a new paragraph.

[![\]( break 1_inline.jpg)]( break 1.jpg)

  1. Once the new paragraph is inserted, click into the new paragraph with your mouse and with your keyboard use ‘ctrl enter’ to create a new ‘next page’ page break.

[![\]( break 2_inline.jpg)]( break 2.jpg)

This page break can be easily deleted in future using the express button.

Hello Angela,

If you are not currently using our Jazzit checklists but you have online resource support, you download the Jazzit checklists (generic) package from the main support page at : 

In the Jazzit Checklists (CGA NTR & Review) package corporate taxes checklist is located at 602-A27. 

In the Jazzit Checklists (CPEM NTR & Review) package corporate taxes checklist is located at FF.105. 
In the Jazzit Checklist (CPEM Audit) package corporate taxes checklists is located at A-FF.100 

The design mode for all Jazzit Checklists is locked. We have done this to simplify updating these checklists moving forward (as people will not have customized anything at the design level when the document has been updated) and to keep support and documentation as simple as possible. 

You can use the express buttons located at the far right (left side for CPEM audit) to insert, sort and delete procedures as required.


Thanks Michael,

In terms of checklists, I’m more looking for a list that will aid in the preparation of teh corporate tax return. It’s a more indepth list that junior staff can use to make sure they’ve covered all the T2 basics. I will email you a pdf of that I’m going to base my checklist on.

Another note-- I understand you can create custom working papers that can be managed though the resource centre. On the Additional working papers (W1 to WK), the insuctions say open the resource centre (KLIB file, right?) Switch to design mode, copy paste your custom working paper in the specified section, etc. The problem is I can’t enter design mode to do any editing in the KLIB file… even with the page unlocked. I can made the changes in the Genmast file just fine but not the resource file. Am I missing something, or do we have a glitch?

That is correct the additional working papers (W1 - WK) are exactly for that purpose. We do provide administrators with the password to access both the form and design mode for those modules within the Resource Centre (KLIB/FRMLIB).

Please call support if you need this password.

We welcome submissions for new template ideas. Please send these submissions to

I am the administrator. I have the password. I can unlock the document for editing, but clicking on the design mode pen is not an option. F6 doesn’t work either. Do I have a technical issue? I can bug support if need be…

Thank you!

When the design mode is locked the pen on the command toolbar is not available (greyed out). This is a odd quirk in CaseView as it should still be available but prompt for the password when it is clicked on.

To access the design mode select View / Design Mode from the CaseView menu at the top of the screen and enter the password when prompted.

Great! Thank you!

Related to this:

If I want to create a custom checklist do i create in the KLIB file? CPEM KILB file?

Hi Martin,

I tailored one of the Progam and Checklist bank templates in CPEM KLIB. It worked pretty well.

Thanks for the reply

Then the next dumb question. How do I get custom checklist from teh CPEM KLIB to the CPEM Master file?

Do you have those blank checklists in you masterfile? If so, you should be able to update from the resource center the same way you would any other working paper…

Good luck!

Thanks, that makes sense. I think we changed the name of the so it was not showing up in the master file

Sorry one more question. What happens we we update the CPEM Klib for the new version. Is our form lost? Ie. going form CPEM 2011 to CPEM 2012?

Great question… I’ll let Michael clarify this one. I think you should be ok-- I don’t remember having an issue when I did the latest update.

Hello Martin, I thought I would jump in to the thread as well. You have a couple of options here with respect to keeping your customized checklists in your CPEM KLIB and master:

  1. If you use the quick method and replace your existing CPEM KLIB and Master with a newer one, back up the existing KLIB/Master first and add your customized documents back to the updated files using copy components.

  2. If you do not wish to replace your CPEM KLIB/Master, open the JZCADTUP (CPEM Audit RC update control) document at the top of the audit CPEM KLIB and within the regular method area you can update specific documents within the KLIB and keep your customized checklists. Once you update the KLIB, open the CPEM Master and pull in the updates.

Use the JZPCKEYA in the CPEM master to quickly locate which documents need to be updated.


Martin you may also want to take a look at the generic programs and checklists now available within Jazzit Fundamentals. These are similar to the once offered in the CPEM/CGA checklist packages but they do allow the administrator to access the design mode if you wish to make further modifications. 


Please consult our updating Jazzit video if you need assistance adding these documents to your KLIB/Master files (video requires administrator to login):

Best wishes,

Thanks for all of your help. It seems to be working the way we want.

Can i use the fundamentals checklist and them but it into the CPEM klib and CPEM Master for ease of locating for our staff?

Martin you can locate those checklists in whatever master file you wish for your staff to use. The fundamentals generic checklists will however be looking for updates in the Jazzit fundamentals KLIB.