CPEM review program B.105 (short term investments)

CPEM review program B.105 (short term investments) references differential reporting. Is there not a new program for ASPE?

Hi Barb.

I suggest contacting your Institute’s Member Services to confirm which checklist you should be using for ASPE files.

Best wishes,

HI Barb,
It could be the document you are using is from the previous release of the CPEM Review checklists.

We recently posted a revision to the CPEM Review checklists based on new content from the Insitute this month. B.105 was one of the documents that was revised.

We posted this update is available on our website main page. If you have subscribed to our RSS feed you should recieve notification that this update was available.

Thanks Lori. I will look for the update.

How do I subscribe to the RSS feed?

OK. I’ve found the feed.
Thanks again.