CPEM Review master address not correct in KLIB

Jazzit has added the option to include a line for client initials below any enclosure or other matter in the client enclosure letter.
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Hi James.

When updating the CPEM Review Programs & Checklists, we recommend that you use the Quick Replace method, not the Regular Update method (which uses the JZCARVUP document).

Using the Quick Replace method, you will save yourself time because you download the complete Resource Centre and Master file (latest version), instead of having to update the Resource Centre modules individually.

In the JZCARVUP document, the recommendation and the link to the Instructions for the Quick Replace method are indicated in the screenshot below…

Best wishes,

Hi David
I am pretty sure I did do it originally through the Quick Replace method, but I’ll run it again to be sure,


I’ve tried it again, and if I check the Update in the KLIB, its still showing the master int he wrong directory (Program Files instead of Program Files x86) and when I follow the instructions on the Master side (i’m redoing this for the audit files right now) it doesn’t update the date or populate the staff list


Ok, its working now I guess, other than the problem in the Update in KLIB is still showing that the master is in the wrong folder, but I guess that doesn’t really impact anything,