CPEM Checklist update

Are there any updated instructions? When we do the download it creates a new folder called CPEMRVUPDATE and we’re not sure what to do with it. We followed this link: [http://www.accountants-templates.com/…](\http://www.accountants-templates.com/P&C_demo/Jazzit_Checklists_CPEM_Review.pdf) for the installation guide. When we go into the JZCARVUP document it says the update is current, but there is no website version. Not sure how to get it all linked properly.
Thank you!

Hi Jennifer
Try this guide: http://www.jazzitsupport.com/Downloads/DownloadSupport/81

This details the quick method to updating the checklists. With the quick method you do not need to install CPEMRVUPDATE or worry about the website version date.

Thank you. We have been able to follow directions and updated. However we are trying to add the new documents in the audit update but seem to be missing a step as we are only getting the placeholder and can’t remember how to add the actual document. Can you please point us in the proper direction?
thank you!

Hi Jennifer.

If you have re-installed the CPEM Audit KLIB and the CPEM Audit Master files (per the quick replace method), I’m not sure why you are attempting to add new checklists the CPEM Audit Master (they are already in the re-installed CPEM Audit Master).

Unless you are attempting to add the new checklists to your client audit files, in which case you would simply use the Copy Component function to copy these new checklists from the CPEM Audit Master file into the client audit file/s (or your own Audit Master file).

If I have misinterpreted the issue, please contact the support team using the contact details provided on our home page www.jazzit.com, so we can assist with this.

Thank you,