CPEM Assertions

I was wondering how to change the default assertions in jazz-it templates. Currently, there are only four assertions for all types of accounts. (Completeness, existence, accuracy, valuation). Is it possible to change/create assertions on a worksheet. (for example A-584A - the control risk summary) I want to change income statement accounts to have 5 assertions (occurrence, completeness, accuracy, cutoff, classification) and balance sheet accounts to have 4 assertions (existence, rights & obligations, completeness, valuation & allocation.) Is this possible?

Hi Mark.

It is not possible for you to modify the Assertions included in the Checklists, because these changes require access to the Design Mode.

If you require additional assertions, I suggest you use the link on our Website https://jazzit.com/fixit/ to request these changes…

The additional assertions you mention are not included as options in the CPEM content we have been provided by the authors and as a result are not included on the forms.

One option is to use our blank checklists to create your own version of the checklist. This way you could specify the assertions you wish.

Although the blank checklists do not have an option to specify High, Medium, or Low risk through a drop down, you could use the comments column to manually type in the risk level along with comments.

There are a number of blank checklist formats to choose from and they are located in the Audit and Review Resource Centres and then update the corresponding document in the Master templates. You can make as many copies as you like of any particular checklist in the Resource Centre, just be sure there is a corresponding copy of that document in the Master File with the same document identifier.

Hi Mark, one other thing to mention is that in CPEM under Core Concepts they discuss combined assertions and I think this is why there are only 4 on the form because they include those items you are looking for.

Ok, found the Core Concepts Combined Assertions information. That helps clear things up. Thanks :slight_smile: