Corporate Tax return (T2) checklist template (ICAA's list)

Is there a template available for the ICAA’s corporate tax checklist in preparing T2 returns?
And ideally a toggle that allows N/A sections to be greyed & minimized (for example if inventory is not applicable, then the set of questions are not displays & the overall list is shortened)?


Previous threads indicated no (of about a year ago). Any possible updates for this?

Comments much appreciated.

Hi Pieter.

We do not currently have this T2 Checklist included in our templates.
I have added it to our list of Feature Requests for consideration.

Best wishes,

Hi Peter,

This checklist can quickly be created using one of the generic checklists included in Jazzit Fundamentals.

Open a generic checklist in your Jazzit Fundamentals KLIB and set to the following options:

You may now copy in the procedure text as desired. These generic checklists can be copied to create additional checklists. Just ensure that the document identifier is the same in both the KLIB and the Master file so they can be updated in the future from your Resource Centre.

Just following up on this post if there is now a T2 Checklist or if there is one in the works?

I have one that I made up - using the W1 “blank” template in KLIB. I have shared it here:!An97zR6hDLLXxEumqwUHICv4ZBLp?e=xrMKkt

Copy it to your KLIB folder - replace the existing file. Let me know if you have suggestions/additions/changes?