Copy caseware file

We accidentally cleared out long term debt schedule. We had a backup from a few days ago and thought we could just drag and drop the caseview file from the back, however, it keeps coming in blank.
We also tried copy components and it also came in blank. Any suggestions beside re keying in all the info?

Hi Jodie.

Dragging (drag-&-dropping) the CaseView document (the Jazzit LT working paper) from the backup file simply copies the CaseView document into the target file folder, leaving behind all the data, which is stored in the CVDATA() table of the database in that backup file’s folder.

Rather use Copy Components to copy the LT working paper from the backup file into the target file, which will then copy over the data frorm the database as well.

Best wishes,

Yes, I tried that no joy

Never mind, there must have been gremlins yesterday. Tried the copy components this morning and it worked! I need a drink lol

That’s great!
:grinning: :+1: