Complicated fund accounting

We have a Non-profit client that provides their data in three separate general ledgers, which we import as entities to show the funds separately. The have informed us that they would like to show two funds, on for GL #1, and one that combines GL #2 & GL #3. Is there a creative way to do this without a lot of reclassifications between funds or manual entering?

Hi Sylvia,

Probably the easiest way to do this would be to make your two funds into sub-entities.

So if you click the “Consolidate” button in Caseware, your three funds will look like this:

If I wanted to combine the Children’s and Senior’s funds into a single “Program fund”, I can add a new entity to contain both.  Click on the main file (in this case it’s the “Jazzit Simple Example Ltd.”)

Click “Add” button to add your new main category.  Once this is added, you can click on the “Program fund” line and add sub-entities to it by using the “Add” button.  You can see below I’ve added sub-entities for the Children’s and Senior’s fund:

You can then move your accounts from the original “Children’s Fund” and “Senior’s Fund” into the “Children’s fund (sub)” and “Senior’s fund (sub)” using the “Assign entities” button.  You can just click on the first account, hold shift, click on the last account and then move the accounts in bulk from the old entity to the new:

Now, in your financial statements, when you select “Program Funds” as the entity in your column selection menu, it will take both the “Children’s Fund (sub)” and “Senior’s Fund (sub)”.  You can also set either of these funds individually in your column selection menu if you want to switch back to a 3 column presentation.

Once all the accounts are moved to the new entities and you are happy with the presentation, you can remove the old entities (in this example “Children’s Fund” and “Senior’s Fund”) using the “Delete” button in the Consolidation menu in Caseware.

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