[CL] Transmittal Letter - Client Number

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Apologies if this topic has been covered already… I didn’t see a similar thread.

Just curious about the “Client Number:” field on the transmittal letter. Previously, we could toggle this on and off with the checkbox beside the field, and it would turn the font from black to blue and so on. Now, when you check, or uncheck the box, the font says black, and it always prints.

The engagement letter and invoice both still work as before, so it seems to just be the transmittal letter that’s unusual.

Any help is appreciated!

Hi kdturner.

If the Client Number is recorded in the CaseWare file, as indicated here

The option for these Client Numbers to be Included / Excluded from the letters is controlled in the Diagnostics Report (the JZDIAG), as indicated on this combined screenshot of the Diagnostics Report and the Client Enclosure Letter

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Hello David,

Thank you so much for the speedy response.

So, I can confirm that in the diagnostic report (in the affected client file, our NTR template, as well as GENMST) client number is unchecked in the options.

When I enter the CL, the client number is present, and turning the checkbox beside “Client Number” on or off makes no difference to whether it appears when printed.

In the Engagement Letter, Invoice, Legal Letter Etc. turning the checkbox beside “Client Number” on or off toggles between whether it prints or doesn’t print.

See attached screenshot.

Sorry, I don’t know how better to explain it!?!


Hi again.

If you could please apply the latest Resource Centre Update available on the support website, this issue should be resolved.

If not, please contact the support team, using the contact information available at https://support.jazzit.com/contact, for assistance.

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