CICA C-PEM Caseview documents were not cleared on roll-forward

The 9 column generic schedule replaced the previous 2 column generic schedule in the July 16, 2016 build of Jazzit fundamentals. The Income statement (IS & IS2) was changed to receive totals from the generic 9 column schedule. Consequently, Income statement modules dated July 16, 2016 and later will not receive totals from the older 2 column generic schedule.

You may notice that your Income statement may no longer be receiving schedule totals after you had updated your Income statement from the Resource Centre. It is likely the schedule is in the 2 column generic schedule format.


If the Income statement in your FS is July 16, 2016 or later and you need to link totals from your generic schedules to your Income statement, replace your generic 2 column schedules with 9 column generic schedules. The date of the Income statement can be found in ‘Admin’ area of the Home menu.

Hi Barb.

If you open the “Notes for the preparer” section, towards the top of each Checklist, you will see which columns are cleared on Roll-Forward, as indicated in the screenshot below…

If you wish to clear the entire checklist, you can use the “Reload from Resource Centre” button, indicated below…

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When one wants to retain initials and references when rolling forward; in notes to preparer choose retain". My question is; in the individual client files, do the initials remain those of the preparer from the previous year?

Hi Robin.

Yes, the Initials of the Preparer who signed off on the Procedure during the prior year are retained after the file has been rolled forward.

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