Audit Waiver details for NPO

For compilation engagements of typical limited companies, the audit waiver correctly says:
Resolution of the Shareholders of
passed without meeting pursuant to [section no.]
of the Business Corporations Act of [province]

However, for a non-profit, it would be nice if this document automatically changed to something more appropriate such as:
Resolution of the Members of
passed without meeting pursuant to [section no.]
of the Non-Profit Corporations Act of [province]

Also, in the last paragraph of that waiver, it would be nice if the word “Shareholders” would automatically change to “Members” (or Directors, or whatever).

That is, could these details be linked to relevant fields in the Client Profile or something?


We haven’t been requested for this before - usually NFP require an audit. I will submit this as a feature request on your behalf.

In future, please use our form if you would like to report a problem or would like to send in an idea for a new feature or option.

Ok. Sorry. It’s just so much easier to report it here, and then you can also see if someone else has reported it already.

In SK, NFPOs with less than $25,000 annual revenue only need a compilation. $25,000 - $250,000 needs a Review, and over $250,000 needs an audit. The NFPO statute is similar to the Business Corporations Act in that the audit can be waived for NFPOs with less than $250,000 revenue. Not sure if other provinces have similar statutes…

I submitted a feature request for you earlier. Thank you for the additional information.