Account analysis 10.3

I can’t seem to find how to show only the printing lines on this working paper. Is that even an option?


The Account Analysis working paper does not currently have the option to switch between “Show all lines” and “Show printing lines only”.

The only line adjusting option currently is as indicated on this screenshot of the working paper options area, to “Skip rows below threshold”.

If you wish, I can log a feature request with the design team to investigate the possibility of adding this feature in a future release?

Best wishes,

Yes please do. I would use the threshold toggle but as it disables the subtotals/grand totals and I need those it is currently not an option. Thank you.


I can certainly log the feature request for you, but it would be great if you could please use the link indicated on this screenshot of our website, so that we have contact details for any follow-up communication which may be required.

Thank you,