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Jazzit Fundamentals

Jazzit Fundamentals is a deeply integrated and flexible template collection of 9 categories of Financial Statements, up to 20 attached schedules and more than 100 working paper and letter templates to automate comprehensive year-end engagements with your corporate clients.

Jazzit Checklists

What can be easier? Just use copy components to add Jazzit PEG Checklists into your existing CaseWare files. No need to start new CaseWare files to add your Jazzit Checklists.

Jazzit Checklists CGA PPM

Jazzit Checklists are powerful templates to help ensure compliance with CGA ASPE PPM prescribed checklists that help practioners perform efficient, cost-effective compilation and review engagements. The templates are easy to use and update from one central source, the Jazzit Resource Centre (JRC).

Jazzit Training

To maximize your investment in Jazzit, it’s important to familiarize yourself with Jazzit so you can take advantage of it’s many features. Jazzit offers many online resources for training, as well as inperson training day seminars conducted in many cities across Canada.

Jazzit Score

Jazzit Score is a reporting tool that automatically creates a comprehensive 32 page financial report analyzing the health of your clients’ business. Drawing on the trial balance info already entered, it includes ratio analysis, trend analysis, comparative industry and custom defined benchmarks with insightful commentary

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